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Simplify your life! Automation kits and software you get everything you need turn lights on and off from anywhere in your home, turn security lighting and sprinkler systems on and off when you choose, dim lights – even if they couldn’t dim before – and much, more!  Control your lights, appliances, home theater and more by remote, motion sensor or PC with a home automation system. Installs can be be builds or existing homes.

Certain features can save you 100's of dollars a year with energy saving feature automation.

  • Have lights automatically turn off after 10 minutes of no motion or activity.
  • Forget wall switches, have lights turn on when doors are opened after dusk.
  • Motion sensors detect your presents and safely light the way for you in the middle of the night at 50% brightness.
  • Equalize your homes temperature by having your paddle fans run for 10 minutes every 2 hours.
  • Automate motorized windows and fans to open and turn on at certain temperatures.
  • Even have your home announce that the stove is on when it detects that you are leaving the house.

There are many more options available. Call us for your in house evaluation. 716.625.9541

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